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Black Therapist



I help people find their voice, set boundaries, reconcile past trauma, and confidently move forward. In addition, I support couples with relationship coaching and sex therapy, reducing conflict and increasing closeness and intimacy.


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A Black Therapist

I am a Black therapist. I am an inclusive therapist who earned my
hours supporting the community of color and beyond. I am often the first therapist a person of color has seen. I am versed in the
expanse of our experiences, from food insecurity, trauma,
microaggressions, workplace harassment, and injustices to
complicated family histories, our bodies, sexuality, and various faith and cultural traditions. In our struggles, we have still been foundations, trailblazers, and changemakers. I am but one drop in an ocean, always ready to learn more about all facets of the human soul.
Therapy for Black women
Therapy for Black families

About You

Humanity, Dignity, Value & Worth

We all hurt. One of the things that hurts deeply is not feeling
seen or heard. In our sessions, all of you is welcomed and
respected. As an inclusive, affirming therapist, I welcome and respect people of all ages, races, cultures, religions, sexual orientations, gender identities, relationship statuses, and abilities. Together, we can explore your attitudes, beliefs, values, and behaviors in an atmosphere of openness, trust, and safety. I seek to provide high-quality, culturally sensitive relationship counseling affirming my clients' dignity, value, and worth.
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Inclusive therapist
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