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Flash EMDR Trauma Processing

Process trauma without having to relive it. Put childhood and relational trauma in the past through EMDR Flash Technique. Flash EMDR is an evidence-based therapy for addressing past, present, and future distressing experiences developed by Dr. Philip Mansfield in 2016. This technique allows you to process the memory without deeply reliving the experience. Dr. Manfield observed clients were able to process distressing experiences more efficiently and with increased ease as a result of using this technique in a brief amount of time compared to several sessions

Reframing Childhood Trauma

You are not what happened to you!  Together, we unpack false self-beliefs imposed in childhood, separating the events of the past from your personhood in a supportive, non-judgmental, and safe environment. Together, we process your trauma, understand its impact, and uncover the resilient person you are, reframing the childhood narrative into healthier thoughts, reconciled feelings, and improved mental health.  It's time to feel better. Schedule a free consultation.

Addressing Trauma 
The Mind-Body Connection

How Flash EMDR
Technique Works

First, select your distressing memory or situation without unpacking it.  The unpleasant memory is rated from one (least distressful) to ten (most unbearable). Next, instead of dwelling on the distressing event, Flash EMDR begins with obtaining a pleasant thought, story, memory, sound; a Positive Engaging Focus (PEF).  Then, butterfly tapping begins (bilateral stimulation) for both client and therapist. You tap one side of your chest at a time. As you recount your story about the positive event, expect to be interrupted by the therapist saying "FLASH." At that moment, the client will blink their eyes 3 - 5 times, then continue telling their story or focusing on their positive thought. After 6 -8 repetitions, the therapist will stop and check in to see if the scale has dropped on the unpleasant memory. Observations are encouraged. The process is repeated until the scale is brought to zero.

With Flash EMDR, a person can clear a painful memory within one session with Danielle. Flash EMDR can be used as a stand-alone treatment or with other techniques.

Confident Portrait

Childhood Trauma

Making peace with the past

Moving forward with confidence

Are you tired of carrying the weight of your childhood trauma on your
shoulders? Do you long for a life free from painful memories and
emotional turmoil? You're not alone. Childhood trauma can leave deep
scars that impact every aspect of our lives. However, there is hope.
Healing from childhood trauma is a transformative journey that allows
you to reclaim your inner strength and resilience and create a brighter

The effects of childhood trauma are profound, and I'm committed to
supporting you every step of the way. You have the power within to
overcome your trauma and build a life of peace, fulfillment, and healthy


You are not defined by your past but by the strength and resilience that
lies within you. Schedule your free consultation today!

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