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BIPOC Therapy

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WellnessScapes Counseling 

Danielle & WellnessScapes

It's time to feel better!

WellnessScapes Counseling is founded on gaining wellness in every area of your life; healing and freedom from the past, feeling confident in the present, and hope for the future.

Danielle Horne

Childhood Trauma
& Transitions

Resolving childhood trauma requires us to transition from the past. In the present, unexpected changes create disorientation and force you to reorder your world. Whether you're walking through trauma, anxiety, grief, or overwhelm, get the support you need.

Coupling & Uncoupling

All aspects of Relationship Coaching: 

Premarital Counseling/Training


Conflict Resolution

Intimacy/Sex Therapy

Infidelity/Affair Recovery

Decision Counseling/Letting Go

Divorce Recovery

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