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Breaking Up With My PO Box: A Lesson on Letting Go

I felt a twinge of sadness as my PO box was coming up for renewal. The owner of that outlet decided to raise the rate again, so it was back-to-back raises year over year of more than $60 each. So now, a box that originally cost me $180 went to $240 last year, and that was with a coupon. But this year, the smallest box is $338 for the year. It made no sense to pay it as I'm not getting any more services for the same amount of space. This wasn't the relationship I thought it was.

As I took out my last piece of mail from my small PO box, I felt a twinge of sadness. I reflected on the early days, in the very beginning when my whole business was in that little box. I was loyal. I would have stayed with my little box if the price hadn't kept going up even though the space I'm renting comes with mail service. The PO box gave me a second location. I couldn't figure out what the twinge of sadness was for. Was I upset that the fees were going up and we didn't get to talk about it? Did I feel this break up was unfair? Did I feel a loss of control that my option to stay is being upended? Then I realize something. This PO box was my starting point. I know what God has invested in me cannot be contained in that little box. I will have an office with my name on the door one day and own the building. I desire to have my own location. For now, I need to break up with my PO box. So today, I say thank you and farewell, dear PO box. May you go on to serve the next budding business owner. It's time for me to grow!

Have you hung on to things too long? What was it like to let go? Put a comment below.

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